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A family genealogy takes on a life of its own, a continuously evolving science as new facts from new sources come to light and once verified, need to be documented. As the genealogist becomes more experienced in the science he becomes more adept in moving forward at a faster rate, being better able to differentiate between the important information relating to his study and the vast amount of chaff which exists on the periphery.

Since publishing the book in October 2016 I have made some major finds:

  1. The discovery of more of our family who survived the Holocaust, the most prominent of which was the WIENER-COHN family living in Raanana, Israel. The story of how we met up is fully described in this edition commencing on page 334.

  2. The phenomenal discovery of the DUCKESZ REPORT ON THE WIENER-RIES-OETTINGEN LEVYTE FAMILY which was a direct result of meeting up with the COHN family mentioned above. This document proved that my research was highly accurate in essence but also proved a hypothesis I made concerning 3 generations was incorrect, at the same time giving full information of the correct lineage. This to me is The Holy Grail of my research and I have appended it at the end of this book. This can also be read as either an alternative or supplemental addition to my research – it certainly details a lot more family information than what I had and starts on page 393 of this book.

  3. The above report also includes new and different branches in my family lineage – including the well known SPANIER and WARISCH families. These will also need further investigation.

  4. Updated information in research relating to the Levite R1a1a research.

  5. Various other tidbits of information regarding the family.

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